Sperrin Sporting Range

Opened in December 2021, it incorporates ranges from 25 metres out to 600 metres with heated shooting points for comfortable all season shooting, dedicated Practical Shotgun bays and a large club house facility designed to generate a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

The ranges are passed for a wide array of firearms, including Rifles, Mini-Rifles, Pistols, Target Shotguns and Airguns  which enable the club to run competitions in many various shooting disciplines.

“Our mission is to provide the region with a unique sporting destination for all shooting enthusiasts, whether you are a seasoned shooter or just want to try out the sport for the first time.”

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Shoot in all weather day or night

Shooting Sports are one of the UK and Ireland’s most popular and safest pastimes. It is an accessible sport bringing people together, it allows men and women of all ages and backgrounds, including the less able-bodied, to compete in a sport on equal terms.

Although it is a very popular sport it is not very well understood and there are few opportunities for individuals to experience the enjoyment that can be had in practising the ancient art of Target Shooting.

Sperrin Sporting Ranges is dedicated to making target shooting available to all, in a safe controlled environment.


No experience required, open to 12 years old and above with under 17’s being accompanied by a Club Member over the age of 21.

Membership (after one full year) gives you the opportunity to apply for ownership of firearms relating to sporting disciplines in which you have practised. Target shooting is a great aid for relaxation, confidence building, it helps to develop patience, improves coordination and promotes discipline.

People of all ages can be a little too preoccupied with screen time these days, the excitement of being able to develop shooting skills leading to competitive target sports provides them with an alternative outlet. With this in mind Junior Memberships have drastically reduced fees to encourage families to participate as a group.

Firearms For Hire

Sperrin Sporting Ranges has a wide variety of Firearms (Pistols/Revolvers of all calibres, Rifles and Shotguns) at its disposal. These are available for rental by new Club Members who do not own their own firearm or by Members looking to participate in a particular shooting discipline.

Sperrin Sporting Ranges is staffed by a team of experienced and friendly instructors who are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for all Members, Visitors and Guests. These instructors are available to provide guidance and support to shooters of all levels, from beginners to advanced shooters.